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John Jermain Memorial Library Screening
34 W. Water Street
ag Harbor, NY

Vivian's "Stonefaced" with "All Me" double feature!
Wednesday Feb. 18 at 10:30am

The Hamptons Take 2 Documentary Film Festival is generously making possible free showings of documentaries from their festival archives. Join us for a second chance to see provocative award-winning films! Bring a brown-bag lunch and stay to discuss the films. We’ll provide coffee and tea. Pre-registration suggested. Limit:18.

Q&A with Vivian Ducat post screening.

March 20 - April 26

Adelson Galleries Boston
520 Harrison Avenue
Boston MA 02118 www.adelsongalleriesboston.com

(617) 832-0633

email: info@adelsongalleriesboston.com

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It only takes a few minutes, but your opinion counts so much in the digital world. Let people know why you like "All Me," share your enthusiasm for this film and the life story of Winfred.

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Watch clips of Winfred and Vivian from Q&A screenings on YouTube.

Video from Montclair Museum

Video from Maysle Cinema